What are You Undoing?

We have something in common - we want to change the world.


Some company mission statements are grand. However, we all like to do something large.

We created Undoing to make people do one thing - undo systemic beliefs and practices that cause inequality. How? By making people aware of their ability to become movers and shakers of the world.

We believe that people's choices influence the rest of what they do during the day. In turn, what you choose to do will also influence others that you touch within the next hours. Believe it or not, choosing the shirt you wear is a deliberate expression of what you choose to become for the day. Yes, your OOTD is also an entire mood, and it is also extremely viral.

You can make someone laugh, become inspired, feel political, and inspire a positive act with the bare minimum effort of wearing a piece of clothing. 

T-shirts are personal placards - one can make can spark several conversations, and later on, a revolution. This starts by saying something that is on your mind. Also, it is very accessible. Anyone that has reasonable disposable income can have it, or give it to someone else.

You, and the people behind this brand - we all have something in common.

We all want to change the world. Or more precisely, we want to undo things that are done, no matter how they remote they are from our experience. Humans are designed to have empathy. Now that technology allows us to be hyper-aware of what happens around the globe, it is almost impossible to feel that we are not involved with the troubles of the world. 

Poverty. Hate. Inequality. Bigotry Racism. Homophobia. Massive corporate greed. Global warming. These are only some of the things that we did not create within our lifetimes, but we are paying the price of the follies of generations that came before us. Our kids, and their kids, will also pay for them, and that comes with a hefty interest. 

This is why we need to be undoing the ghosts of generational moral and ethical errors, so that they will stop haunting us. What's the first step? Raising awareness. What is the second step? Help the people out there that are already making the "undoing" steps. With these small steps, you are helping build a future that provides equal opportunities for everyone. A world where human rights are enjoyed by everyone and opportunities are not based out of luck.

Undoing leverages what most people in the Free World have - the ability to use their purchasing power to support great causes. We are developing this brand to not only create conversations, but to provide real support to those who need it the most - the people that are out there giving aid, those that are in the picket lines and lobbies defending our fundamental human rights, the volunteers that provide education, shelter, and food because their governments can’t. 

Also, we want to highlight the true heroes of the world - the common folk that Undo. We want to know who they are and let people know what they are undoing, so that they may inspire others to do the same. We need those stories now, more than ever.

Clothing surely will not change the world. However, the people who wear it, along with their actions that compel others to act, would.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and know your story. What are you undoing?